Rosonia™ is an innovative approach against vulvovaginitis with instant activity from the first symptom. Natural extract, rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids aids to quick relieve of symptoms of inflammation, as well as improvement of tissue tone and elasticity.

50ml foam, bottle

Medical device, class IIb

Product description

Rosonia™ vaginal foam is a direct-to-site treatment for vulvovaginitis caused by bacterial, mycotic and viral infections, including candidiasis and warts as well as postpartum lesions, and in the prevention of herpes simplex 2 (HSV–2) recurrence.

Rosonia™ contains a unique system (TIAB) that forms a film barrier to the point of action containing antimicrobial micro silver ions. The film protects the affected area against microbial attack, it prevents the infection from spreading and creates the best condition for tissue regeneration. Malva sylvestris extract and hyaluronic acid provide soothing, demulcent and hydrating effect to the skin.

Rosonia™ safety has been established by several preclinical studies. Studies confirm that the active TIAB complex does not penetrate through the skin and therefore acts only topically without any systematic action.

Useful Information

  • The medical device should be applied when first symptoms appear (itching, burning, reddening).
  • Before use, wash the hands and the genital area, dry thoroughly.
  • Shake the bottle before use and keep the bottle in an upright position during use.
  • Apply a thin layer of foam on the affected part and massage until dried.
  • Repeat application once or several times a day until complete healing.

Active Ingredients and Functions

TIAB–system creates antimicrobial protecting barrier that enhance self-healing of the tissue.

Hyaluronic acid supports the filmogenic action of the device as well as producing hydrating effect.

Malva sylvestris provides to moisturizing, soothing, demulcent, refreshing and softening effect together with improvement of the tissue tone and elasticity.