Rosonia VagiCaps

Rosonia VagiCaps is a treatment for vaginal discomfort and bacterial vaginosis. Natural therapy that supports healthy vaginal flora and reduces burning sensation, inflammation and discharge.

10 vaginal softgel capsules

Medical device, class IIb

Product description

Rosonia VagiCaps has approved indication for symptomatic treatment of vaginal discomfort as well as bacterial vaginosis. It promotes natural self-healing and helps build up healty vaginal mucosa. Rosonia VagiCaps is used to treat mild infections and, in severe cases, in combination with antimicrobial medicines against bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

Rosonia VagiCaps capsules dissolve rapidly and form a protective barrier on top the skin. The barrier preservers the essential moisture of the mucosa and supports the natural flora of the vagina. It also protects this sensitive area from microbes and irritation. Rosonia VagiCaps is unique fast acting solution and and ideal option to use from when the first symptoms appear until completely healed.

Rosonia VagiCaps has been tested in numerous clinical and non-clinical studies. The studies demonstrate that Rosonia VagiCaps reduces burning, itching, discharge and maintains healthy mucosa. The treatment is safe and well tolerated.




Useful Information

Wash both hands and the genital area before use. Place on capsule high up in the vagina in the evening.  Repeat daily for seven days or until full recovery is achieved.

Some experience mild burning sensation at the beginning of treatment that should disappear with regular use. There are no known interactions with medicines or other products.

Active Ingredients and Functions

TIAB is a unique complex containing silver ions*bound with titanium dioxide microcrystals. It creates protective barrier that covers the affected area. The barrier provides ideal conditions for the mucosa to heal and regenerate.

Aloe vera provides a rapid soothing effect and hydrating action.

Hyaluronic acid gives moisture as well as supporting the formation of the protective barrier.


*Studies show that silver ions in the TIAB complex do not absorb through the skin, neither healty skin nor broken. This product contains 0.005% micro silver ions.